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Care and Advice

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Care and Advice

Protecting, Prolonging the life and Caring for your Wool or Man- Made Carpets & Rugs

Regular maintenance is required in order to maintain the appearance of your carpet and to make it last longer

  • Vacuum your carpet at least once or twice a week
  • Rotate your rug by 180° every six months, as this will decrease wear to heavily used areas

Preventing stains

  • Place a doormat at every entrance to your house, and clean it regularly

In the event of stains

  • Do not allow the stain to dry in
  • When treating stains, always work from the outside in, so that you do not make the stain larger
  • Soak up liquids with kitchen roll or a kitchen towel
  • Carefully pick up any solids using a knife or a spoon
  • Clean the area of the stain thoroughly by dabbing at it using a sponge or white kitchen towel with warm water but remember do not scrub
  • If desired, you can pat the cleaned area dry with a dry hand towel or dry it with a hairdryer
  • If you cannot remove the stain yourself, you are advised to seek help from a professional Woolsafe Approved cleaning company

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